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Transport Is Defined As a Movement.

Freight container is a secure method of transporting goods and services using specialized transport systems such as the rail, and sea transport. Shipping containers came in various sizes to accommodate customers’ transportation needs. The various sizes are 20, 40, 45 and 53 ft. These containers are mainly used for import/export purposes.


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Rail billing

The carrier or freight brokers assist rail billing and declare the items being shipped on the rail, as well as releasing weight certificates to the rail operators, in order for the container to acquire access to the rail operator's facilities for export reasons.


Intermodal transportation

INTERMODAL TRANSPORTATION is a term that refers to the movement of people and goods across Intermodal transportation simply refers to travel by road for a brief period, then by train or sea to their final destination.


container booking

Container Booking is the procedure of booking equipment from a shipping line for export purposes.


storage facility

This is a method of securing a customer's freight that isn't scheduled for delivery or that is about to be exported.

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Professional Truck Drivers

We have some of the most devoted truck driver positions available in the market. After transitioning from a private fleet to Smile Motors, we are thrilled to retain roughly 95% of our customers' qualified drivers. Each professional truck driver is allocated to a primary account, allowing them to become familiar with your company and demands. Our driver retention rate is four times higher than the industry average, ensuring that your business will be transported by the same drivers for a long period.

Reducing Your Risk

Risk exists in every industry, and transportation is no exception. Companies operating private fleets undertake all of these risks and responsibilities, including driving accidents, equipment failures, high insurance costs, state and federal regulations, labor relations, and capital investment. But when you choose smile motor's fleet management solution, you surrender this risk to us.

Taking Care of Your Brand

Switching your fleet to Smile Motors' dedicated trucking fleet does not imply a loss of branding. Smile motor's partners routinely choose to maintain their branding on equipment to increase brand awareness or advertise. Consequently, we are often the public face of your brand. That's a responsibility we take very seriously. We value each of the brands we are fortunate enough to serve, and each Smile motor's team member—from our owner to your professional driver—is committed to protecting yours.

Start-ups without a hitch

Our thorough start-up process, managed by certified project managers, ensures that disruptions are kept to a minimum and that your scheduled cargoes arrive on time. In most circumstances, our client's customers will not even realize that a change has occurred in most cases.

On-time Guarantee

Even during high seasons and business surges, severe weather, and road construction, we're committed to delivering orders on time 100 percent of the time. We can scale to meet your demands during high-demand seasons by using part-time drivers and flex fleets.

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